Our Community Health Improvement Plan:
SCPHN 2nd Annual Report to the Community

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Many young adults between the ages of 18 and 25 in the South Central Public Health Region (SCPHN) report that low salaries and pay combined with the worry about how to pay the bills, greatly contributes to the stressors in their lif

e.  These issues are cited among the most common sources of discouragement for young adults in NH and are a contributing fact

or in the misuse of substances. For young families coping with similar issues, relationships and parenting the need for developing coping mechanisms is critical for the welfare and safety of the family.  Whether in a work or home environment, nurturing the development of key skills to minimize stressors in the lives of young adults in order to reduce the misuse of substances in their lives is the focus of the work.

The Young Adult Programs will provide evidence-informed substance misuse prevention strategies for 18-25 year olds in high need and high risk areas. The goals of the Program are to reduce risk factors and positively impact healthy decisions around the use of substances and increase knowledge overall on the subject.

The use of alcohol, marijuana, and prescription drugs to cope with high levels of stress or an un-diagnosed mental illness is often reported among young adults.  These programs will directly address these risk factors as well and provide environments and skills to enhance the ability to cope with life stressors without the use of substances.


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