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Three Year Substance Misuse Prevention Plan:

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Many young adults 18 – 25 years old, find it challenging to transition from high school to adult life.  Citing that employment, substance misuse, mental health and personal relationships are of concern, and create feeling of discouragement. The use of alcohol, marijuana, and prescription drugs to cope with high levels of stress or an un-diagnosed mental illness is often reported among young adults. In addition, often times out of desperation, these young adult will isolate themselves and  spiral in to a place of hopelessness.  Transitions directly addresses these risk factors as well as provide environments and skills to enhance the ability to cope with life stressors without the use of substances.

 Transitions our Young Adult Strategies Program,  provides evidence-based services,  addresses substance misuse prevention strategies for 18-25 year olds in high need and high risk areas. The goals of the program are to reduce risk factors and positively impact healthy decisions around the use of substances and increase knowledge overall on the subject. Improved employment, relationship and coping skills related to multiple stress factors are the side effects of the investment that young people can experience.

For young families coping with similar issues, relationships and parenting the need for developing positive  mechanisms is critical for the welfare and safety of the entire family.  Whether in a work or home environment, nurturing the development of key skills to minimize stressors in the lives of young adults in order to reduce the misuse of substances in their lives is the focus of the work.

Transitions-  offers a weekly support group for young adults and the people who support them, to gain knowledge about the program, and to  establish  a plan that will improve their lives at work, and home.  Additionally,  support through education, and   individual, community or work based meetings are created to support those seeking assistance to improve their health, and well being.

EMPLOYERS-HR and EAP staff, this program  is  offered at NO COST to employers;  services which could meet the needs of your employees needing assistance with substance misuse.    

This service is provided through a grant from Bureau of Drug and Alcohol Services through United Way to the South Central Public Health Network in response to the substance misuse crisis our communities are facing. 



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